Vehicle Storage Tips

Boats, RVs, Motor Homes, and Motor Coaches

We suggest that you go through all the storage steps, no matter how soon you expect to be back.

  1. Wash It
  2. Clean It Out 
    Remove all food items. Clean out the  fridge, turn it off and leave the door open.
  3. Block the  Sun
    Use sunshades to block the windshield and windows  Cover boats and cars with a tarp.
  4. Top Off the Tank 
    Add a can of stabilizer to coat the tank.  Then fill it up almost.  Leave a little room.
  5. Empty the Holding  Tanks 
  6. Protect the Tires 
     Use a non-petroleum lubricant on tires to prevent drying and cracking.
  7. Take Care of Wipers 
    Place small rubber balls between the wiper arm and windshield to protect against deterioration
  8. Lock  It  
    Make sure windows and hatches are closed and locked and interior lights are off..